Nice breakdown of the event. Too bad the locals are priced out.

Something not right about that.

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Excellent post Joe. Keep up the good work.

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"Max Verstappen is so direct and unapologetic." Yes, he is Dutch.

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It's gross, and it ruined several of the best weeks of the year to be in Vegas. Bigger isn't better.

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Loved the race as you say. but having fp2 at 3 in the morning is not something I agree with.

F1 needs to be accessible to everyone, not just for the people who have a ton of money.

Maybe thats why South Africa cant get a race. we would never be able to afford the tickets. Only the elite would be able to.

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Dear Joe,

I just read your insightful review of the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix and it sparked some questions regarding the potential strategic shift in Formula 1's approach to promoting its own events.

Do you believe that this race could signify a pivotal change in how F1 manages, monetizes, and controls future Grand Prix events in the upcoming season?

Additionally, in your opinion, has this race opened up and activated more opportunities in areas such as marketing and sponsorship, VIP experiences and hospitality, as well as innovation and technology, which could further enhance the overall experience of future F1 championships?

I'm keen to hear your thoughts on whether we can expect these developments to shape the future of F1 event management and fan engagement.

Best regards,


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