It's alarming to me that "increase advertising" is the key idea they have for reducing losses at The Athletic. The Athletic is a subscription based site, people (like me) who subscribe, do that because we wanted to get away from ad-based free news outlets. I do not want to pay for a service then spend my time on that service looking at adverts. This is a proven way to make existing customers really mad.

"Making existing customers really mad" - surely isn't a smart move when keeping those existing customers is critical to achieving your goals!

Unpopular opinion, but they need to increase the price of the service, perhaps by 30%, but at the same time make a pledge that not a single advertiser will ever get anywhere near the service. Oh, and promise to cover cricket.

They have already got me agreeing to pay £60 or whatever it was each year, the difference from that to £90 is psychologically small compared to £0 to £60. Yet if done correctly would possibly make them profitable.

NYT take note: I (and millions like me) want a top quality sports site/magazine - I will pay for it, more than you are currently charging. I hate being advertised to.

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