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I think instead of a salary cap, where you end up penalizing players who have a limited earning window, maybe leagues should start go to a luxury tax that instead of going towards paying other teams' payrolls, goes into escrow that can be leveraged against when a team comes up short on payroll because capitalists aren't always great with money, (you know, like the San Diego Padres.), or - and perish the thought - use some of that money to grow the game at the grassroots level. Invest in youth clubs, and stipend low & non-league clubs through grants.

Salary caps won't influence ticket price inflation, which is what really is always at the heart of the general public's concerns over player wages. In fact, if anything, it will embolden teams looking to squeeze profits, because they will no longer be concerned with how much *more* they'll have to spend to keep up with the on field product of the other teams. This is especially true if the PL does go to a "hard cap" where it's a fixed number across the league, rather than the percentage limit they're rolling out (if I understood that explanation right, and my ADD sure could have interfered with that).

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