Sitemap - 2021 - Huddle Up

Huddle Up: Happy Holidays & Thank You!

Adidas NFT Sale Brings In $23 Million

The Average NBA Team Is Now Worth $2.6 Billion

100 Thieves: The $460 Million Gaming, Entertainment & Apparel Company

The $53 Billion Athleisure Business

Endeavor: Investing In Minor League Baseball

DraftKings: The Most Fascinating Company In Sports

NIL: Are Brands Seeing Any Value?

The NBA Team Going All-In On NFTs

The Numbers Behind A Billion-Dollar Event Ticketing Business

College Football Is A Massive Business

The Pittsburgh Penguins Sell For $900 Million

Liberty Media's Formula 1 Plan Is Working

The School Paying $2.48 Million To Student-Athletes & The NFL's First Million-Dollar Super Bowl Suites

The NFL Player Taking 100% Of His Salary In Bitcoin

NBC Is Paying $2.76 Billion For Premier League Rights

The New Rule Shaking Up Minor League Baseball

The Largest Naming Rights Deal In History

The NHL Team Being Sold For ~$850 Million

The Next Major US Professional Sports League

Fan Tokens Are Coming To The NFL & MLS

The Sports Tech Company Backed By LeBron James, Naomi Osaka & Drake

ESPN+ Adds Over 2 Million Subscribers

The $250 Million-Plus Company Building A New Sports League

Institutional Investors Are Allocating Billions Of Dollars To Professional Sports

The Multi-Billion-Dollar Company Changing The Way We Train, Sleep, and Recover

Peloton's Market Cap Sheds $10 Billion

The $32 Million World Series Win

Nike Is Entering The Metaverse

Kobe Bryant's $400 Million Investment Win

The Highest-Paid Executive In Sports

The Billion Dollar Stadium In Oakland

The Billion Dollar Esports Business

The Company Spending $500 Million On Sports Sponsorships

The Power Of Netflix Can't Be Denied

FIFA's Multi-Billion-Dollar Licensing Fight

New Jersey Is The Sports Betting Capital of The United States

Major League Baseball Is Doing The Right Thing

The $725 Million Entertainment Company Built By LeBron James & Maverick Carter

The Billion Dollar Fitness Company That Recruited LeBron James

The NIL Market Faces Questions Due To Injuries & Poor Performance

The NFL's Multi-Billion-Dollar Relocation Lawsuit

Saudi Arabia's $400 Million Takeover Of Newcastle United

Kanye West Is Opening A Prep School

The $100 Million Financials Behind The Athletic

Michael Jordan's Multi-Million-Dollar Investment In Motorsports

The Top 5 Most Expensive NFL Stadiums

The $10 Billion Trading Card Business

The Chicago Bears' $200 Million Stadium Project

Tom Brady's Next Billion-Dollar Brand

Are NBA Jersey Sponsorships Worth It?

Nike Continues To Face Global Supply Chain Congestion

A Look Into The Future Of Sportscasting

Is Manchester United Undervalued?

Nick Saban's Pursuit of Perfection

The Future Of Monetization In Professional Sports

The $8 Billion Company Backed By Michael Jordan

The NBA's New Multi-Million-Dollar Tournament

NBA: Private Equity Firms Keeps Calling

The Million Dollar Group Licensing NIL Deal

Rory McIlroy's Next Big Investment

The NFL's Stance On Crypto Partnerships

The PGA Tour Partners With Netflix

The Incentives Driving NFL Roster Decisions

The Student-Athlete Earning $1.5 Million

WynnBET Is Ready To Make Some Noise

Roger Federer's Next Multi-Million-Dollar Payday

The 12-Year-Old Dominating Sports

MLB Ends Its 70-Year Relationship With Topps

Formula One's Multi-Million-Dollar Insider Trading Case

The NFL Is Focusing On Taunting

The 1st Overall NBA Pick Is Being Paid In Bitcoin

The NHL's New $100 Million Advertising Program

Barcelona Is $1.6 Billion In Debt After Messi's Departure

The Newest Sports Betting Business

Olympic Viewership Takes A Nosedive

Major League Baseball In Iowa Takes Center Stage

My Favorite Olympic Moments

DraftKings Spends $1.5 Billion On iGaming Business

Will Professional Athletes Eventually Get Equity?

The Average NFL Franchise Is Worth $3.5 Billion

Nick Saban Is Worth More Than $85 Million

The Growth In Human Performance Optimization

The Buffalo Bills Request $1.5 Billion

Where NIL Income Stands After One Month

The Key Differences Between NFL & NBA Contracts

Patrick Mahomes: Building A Billion Dollar Investment Portfolio

The Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl

The Most Expensive Olympic Games Ever

Tom Brady Is Quietly Building A Billion-Dollar Company

Weekly Roundup: Olympics, Giannis & Osaka

This University's Athletes Will Dominate the U.S. Olympic Team in Tokyo 2020

The Billion-Dollar Impact Of Giannis Antetokounmpo

Mark Wahlberg's $200 Million Investment

Green Bay Packers Local Revenue Declines $150 Million

The Marketing Machine Behind Space Jam

Lionel Messi Stays At Barcelona; Takes 50% Pay Cut

LeBron's Billion-Dollar Business

Shohei Ohtani Is Already MLB's Biggest Star

Italy Wins Euro 2020, Taking Home Over €30 Million

πŸŽ‰ Celebrating One Year Of Huddle Up πŸŽ‰

The Lawyer Turned 2x Stanley Cup Champion

The World's First $150 Million Tennis Player

The Competitive Eater Worth $2 Million

The NHL Influencer Bringing 37 Million Fans

NIL Is Set To Reshape College Athletics

The NBA Tournament With $1 Million Cash Prizes

The Private Equity Giant Investing $217 Million In European Soccer

The NBA's $5 Billion Franchise

GOAT: Building A $10 Billion Business

FTX Is Spending Over $350 Million On Sports Partnerships

NCAA v. Alston: The Future Of Amateur Athletics

The College World Series: Omaha's $90 Million Tournament

The Business Model Of Manchester United

The NFL Player That Made $150M+ Without Ever Playing In An NFL Game

Premier League Clubs See Record Revenue Decline

The NFL Invests $1 Million In Marijuana Research

Sinclair Raising $250M+ For Streaming Service

Novak Djokovic Makes History At Roland Garros

Mayweather vs. Paul Generates 1 Million PPV Buys

HoH: Building The Next Great Sports Franchise

NBA Total Debt Rises To Nearly $7 Billion

Recess: The Future Fitness Marketplace

Mark Ingram Acquires Equity Stake In D.C. United

Endeavor's First Quarterly Earnings Report

Robert Kraft's Next Investment In Professional Sports

Club Necaxa: Selling A 1% Stake For $1.3 Million

The Sports Gambler Who Turned $700k Into $300M

The Athletic: $140M In Funding, Still Not Profitable

⛳️ The Match: How The $10M Event Started

The NBA's New $1 Billion Africa Entity

The Rise Of The UFC: From $2 Million To $10 Billion

Monaco GP: The $100M Financial Details

Facebook Is Building Out A Sports Pay-Per-View Platform

The Most Valuable Premier League Clubs

The Former Car Salesman Turned Hall of Famer

Conor McGregor: From Welfare Checks To $180M In Annual Earnings

Rally Raises $30 Million From Accel & Others

1996: The Most Iconic Year In Sports History

The Indy 500 Will Have A Bitcoin Car This Year

The $150 Million Site Fee for Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua

How Do Professional Sports Leagues & Teams Make Money?

Adidas: China Boycott Shows No Impact

Peloton: From $50 Billion To $25 Billion

SPAC Attack: Equinox Is Worth Over $7.5 Billion

Erling Haaland's First Equity Investment

🎰 Action Network Sells For $240 Million

🐎 Medina Spirit: Turning A $1,000 Investment Into $50 Million

UFC's Parent Company Goes Public

Hey Rookie: Welcome To The NFL

Conor McGregor's Whiskey Sells For $600 Million

Trevor Lawrence Gets Paid In Crypto

The NFL's Next $100 Million Opportunity

Overtime Raises $80 Million β€” Investors Include Drake & Jeff Bezos

The PGA Tour's New $40M Bonus Pool

Kobe Bryant's Nike Deal is Over β€” What Happens Next?

The Multi-Billion-Dollar Dilemma Facing European Soccer

Formula One Continues To Expand Globally – Coming To Miami

The NFL's New $1 Billion Sportsbook Partners

The Most Valuable Sports Franchises In The World

MLB Umpire Joe West Wins $500,000 In Defamation Lawsuit

How Data Helped Negotiate A $100 Million Deal

The Timberwolves Are (Finally) Approaching A $1.5 Billion Sale

The Online Marketplace Valued At $3.8 Billion

The Secret Finances Behind The Masters Tournament

The $1.3 Billion Trading Card Company

The NFL Is Changing Its Salary Distribution Schedule

Private Equity Is Coming To Professional Sports

The Startup Set To Change How You Watch Sports

The NFL's Multi-Billion-Dollar Decision

"It's Madness That We Don't Pay College Athletes"

MSG: A $900M Play On The Future Of Sports Betting

Professional Sports Teams Continue To Increase In Value

WFT: Dan Snyder Pays $875M For 100% Control

The Miami Heat's New $135M Arena Sponsor

Sports Collectibles: The Sleeping Giant Has Awoken

Stanford University: Cuts Wrestling Team β€” Wins National Title

The NFL's $105 Billion Deal

Is LeBron James Gearing Up For Future NBA Ownership?

The First Professional Sports ETF

DraftKings Offers $1 Billion In Convertible Notes

The Innovation Experiment Occurring Within Professional Sports

Michigan State Selects A Presenting Sponsor

Adidas: A $1 Billion Bet On Digital

Adidas vs. Puma: The $20 Billion Argument

Liquiditeam: The Platform Empowering Athlete Ownership

Sportradar: A $10 Billion Data Business

Overtime: Creating a $100,000 Option For High School Athletes

The Sports Streaming War Is Heating Up

The Company Building The Future Of US Sports Betting

The Best Opportunity In Alternative Investments

Fenway Sports Group: The $7 Billion Sports Company

Fanatics: A $1 Billion Business In China

NFL Media Rights: A $100 Billion Negotiation

Peloton's Transition To A Lifestyle Company

Dana White: From College Dropout to $500 Million

Topgolf & BetMGM: A New Sports Betting Partnership

StockX: Redefining The Future Of Retail

Therabody: Adding 100+ Celebrity Investors

The Future Of Collectables

Peloton's Record $1 Billion Quarter

The Honest Truth About Super Bowl Viewership Numbers

Under Armour Is Quietly Improving

The Largest Sports Betting Wins In History

The $100M NFL Player Changing Lives In Eastern Africa

The Weeknd's $7 Million Super Bowl Investment

A-Rod's New $500 Million SPAC

MSG Sports: Increasing Asset Valuations

EA Sports: College Football Returns

$GME: The Impact On Sports Ownership

Ryan Smith: The NBA's Next Great Owner

NHL's $1B Loan β€” Osaka Invests β€” Warriors Revenue Down 70%

Peacock's Billion-Dollar Bet On Wrestling

Private Equity Is Coming To The NBA

Tom Brady's Growing Business Empire

Meadowlark: A Creator-Centric Media Company

Suns: Spending $275 Million On Upgrades

NBA: Do The Players Deserve Equity?

The World Poker Tour Sells For $78 Million

NBA Valuations: From $450 Million to $5.2 Billion

Mark Davis Expands His Sports Empire

The $5.2 Million Mickey Mantle Card

The Analytical Revolution Continues

The NFL's Experiment On Nickelodeon

The Cowboys & Yankees Billion-Dollar Business

The NFL's $100 Million Venture Fund

"MegaCast" Returns & Matt Miller's New Substack

Sports Betting: The Next Major Market

The NHL's $400 Million Opportunity

March Madness Moves To A Bubble

College Football: Over $125 Million In Buyout-Related Expenses